Memories of Freedom

Submitted by jono on 10 Apr 2020.

Back in 2015 I undertook my first long journey by windsurfer, around Britain. Here are the pictures and maps from the book - Long Standing Ambition - that followed. (Plus a few extra pictures - about 250 images total.)

The photos are in order and every few photos there is a map to roughly locate them. Thanks to those who took the contributed pictures, and those I met, some of whom feature in the gallery:

Please note that for the brief 5 day window that Amazon allows, the Kindle version of Long Standing Ambition is now a free download.

Windsurf Round Britain 2015


Adam Chubbock
posted 13 Apr 2020

Hello Jono, is this available on Audible?
Hope you are well.

posted 13 Apr 2020

Hi Adam.
Sorry, but there is no audiobook. I think, probably, that the text relies on the maps being there, so probably it doesn't lend itself to that format... I hadn't considered this before though, so will sleep on it!
All the best.

Henry Cartwright
posted 01 Dec 2021

That section through the Dover straits still gives me the chills... As does The Pentland Firth and Cape Wrath... and plenty others for that matter! (Lands End!!!)

Henry Widd
posted 08 Jan 2022

I was given your book for Xmas, along with Shackleton's South. Both great reads about great efforts!

I dare say no one has windsurfed around Antarctica nor ever will because it sounds nightmarish.

posted 22 Nov 2022

Shacketon's journey is unfeasibly amazing and the book South is brilliant. It is very nice to be mentioned in the same paragraph, so thankyou for that!
As for windsurfing round  (circumnavigating) Antarctica, that definitely hasn't been done. Maybe there have been some photoshoots done with Antarctic backdrops (though I hope not).

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