This blog is a continuation of the 'log' that developed when I journeyed round Europe by windsurfer and bicycle.

As a kid, I was struck by the vastness of the world; never even reaching the far boundary of the forest by our family home. But with wanderings comes a realisation of the very finite limits of our planet. By bagging a few miles at a time I windsurfed round Europe - partly as demonstration of just how small it really is.

Humanity is absolutely capable of felling the tree of life upon which we, our loved ones, and future loved ones depend. Since the industrial revolution we have been hacking away. We are now aware. But the evidence is unpalatable, and our response thus far inadequate.

Regardless of our grouping or affiliation, we are in the same boat. All humans - perhaps all primates - are pulled by the same compassion, and cry (this is metaphor) the same tears. We are beautifully different, yet fundamentally a single family.

The blog, although it may wander about at bit, exists to further that message.