In the Balance - book release!

Submitted by jono on 21 Dec 2022.
In the Balance book cover In the Balance book cover

A brief post to announce the release of my second book: In the Balance: A 15,000 km Voyage of the Seas of Europe

It certainly brings mixed feelings that this project has now reached completion. The voyage ran from 2017 to 2019, and the book has been my main focus since then. It was my privilege to write. Throughout the voyage I was struck by the beauty of the natural world and of humanity. To my biassed eye it seemed that I sometimes found equivalent beauty in language. It seems that, in the detail, there is beauty in everything.

If you do grab a copy of In The Balance, thank you. If you think I owe you a copy I am sure you are right, and if you get in touch I’ll get one sent! (Hopefully I will manage to dispatch some of the owed copies without a prompt!)

Most books, especially self-published efforts, remain forever in obscurity. Mine is unlikely to be an exception. Despite this (!) if, after reading, you do think that it merits a positive review, please leave a few comments in the relevant places. That would be appreciated and might help it to be found by others.

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