As a kid, I was struck by the vastness of the world; never even reaching the far boundary of the forest by our family home. Later, came a realisation of the very finite limits of our planet. That sense has been reinforced by the journeys I have made.

Since the industrial revolution we have been hacking away at our planet. We averted our eyes for decades but now at least the problems are in focus. What comes next is critical. We either reign in our impact and sail towards a more hopeful future, or steam ahead towards catastrophe.

We each inhabit a bubble - a personal bubble. And then there are the bubbles of our groupings and affiliations. Those bubbles bring a sense of security, but also isolate us. They make it difficult to think collectively. We mentally separate ourselves from other bubbles. We mentally separate ourselves from nature. We disregard the foundation of our existence: the all-sustaining bubble of the natural world - or we claim that we will care for it tomorrow.

There is hope. Our common blind spot can become our common bond. We can act with compassion, coherency and coordination to protect our foundering vessel, our one bubble, Earth.

Occasional blog postings

I share my journeys and thoughts because a one bubble mindset will only prevail if it is heard.

At the kitchen table, the pub, and the ballot box it is overdue that we speak up!

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