Planet of the Humans

Submitted by jono on 26 Apr 2020.

Film recommendation.

Planet of the Humans is a devastating and bleak assessment of where humanity is at.

It also contains serious factual inaccuracies. There are many critiques already circulating but this is the most thorough I have found that relates to the specific details:…

Despite drawing on lazy and dated science, the film deserves a viewing. It should dispel any illusion that "we got this covered". It should remind us that attempts to decarbonise ravage the natural resources of the planet too, and that in the pursuit of profit big companies will pile in on "green", whether or not it is truly green. It should dispel any pretence that the responses required to avert catastrophe do not include us – humanity as a global species – treading more delicately.

Fundamentally, we are not living within the boundaries of the planetary ecosystem, and we will not be doing so any time soon. That is a devastating problem, because there is nothing in the structures of economic and human governance to suggest that we will correct our course.

The film is full of errors, but also an eye-opening reality check.


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